Modern Slavery Consultancy

Modern slavery awareness consultancy in Liverpool

Section 54 of The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires all UK companies with turnover in excess of £36m to make an annual statement detailing the steps their business is taking to identify and prevent modern slavery within their business and throughout their supply chain. But simply writing the statement isn’t quite enough.

MS-Solutions offers a range of services designed to support your business in adhering to the requirements of the Act including supply chain mapping, due diligence and risk assessment.


Take necessary steps and precautions

If businesses don’t ensure that they have undertaken the necessary steps and precautions to identify and prevent modern slavery risks plus implement plans to eradicate them, then they leave themselves open to negative exposure and ultimately face the unfortunate risk of ending up with victims of modern slavery unknowingly being used within their supply chain.
A wide range of bespoke services
  • Conducting pre-supply verification and audit programme of new suppliers
  • Preparation of a Risk based Modern Slavery Action plan
  • Modern Slavery Awareness training
  • Comprehensive risk assessments and compliance audits
  • Preparation of the Modern Slavery Annual Statement
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