GLAA Expert Advice and Guidance

GLAA Expert advice and guidance in Liverpool

In 2004, the Gangmasters Licensing Act was introduced which means that any business who supplies workers (temporary or permanent) to certain sectors (food processing, agriculture, horticulture, shellfish and any associated processing and packaging) must have a GLAA licence to operate. 

It is a criminal offence to supply workers without the licence, or to use workers supplied from an unlicensed source.

MS-Solutions are fortunate to have former GLAA Investigating Officers with over 12 years of experience within our business who are able to provide specialist up-to-date GLAA licensing advice and support.


Up-to-date licensing advice and support

A licence application and subsequent inspections as required by the GLAA can be a rigorous time-consuming process and can be costly, particularly if the business is not compliance ready. Application fees are paid upfront and the GLAA operates a non-refund policy.

Modern Slavery Consultancy
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We can provide our clients with the following services: 
  • Pre-application compliance audits to ensure they are compliant and ready to apply for the GLAA licence before payment of any fees
  • On-site presence during any GLAA licence application inspection
  • Providing assistance with any complex enquiries (Before, during and after the licence process)
  • GLAA Retainer - Ideal for subsequent announced or unannounced GLAA compliance inspections. 
  • Advice and guidance on compliance matters
  • Provide best practice solutions
  • Appeals support - if the worst should happen and the GLAA licence is revoked.

In-depth compliance audits 

MS-Solutions has been founded by a former GLAA Investigating Officer with over 20 years of experience in the Investigations field, most recently with 12 years as an Investigating Officer with the GLAA, specialising in modern slavery investigations and conducting in-depth compliance audits.
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For GLAA licensing advice in Liverpool, please contact MS-Solutions on 
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